We help businesses move towards a circular economy in a sustainable and profitable manner.Our data empowered, tech-based waste to value proposition helps corporations achieve theirsustainability targets aligned with UN—SDGs.

From Where we Started

May 2021

Research and experimentation with plastic waste to make sample productsstart.

September 2021 - November 2021

A Consortium of teams led by Syed Ali Naqi & Dabeer Hemani applied and won Karandaaz Pakistan's Green Challenge Fund award on Plastic Waste Management in Pakistan powered by FCDO and UKAID.

December 2021 - February 2022

Concept Loop (Pvt) Ltd is registered formally. POCs ofR-plastic Pavers, R-plastic Sheets & Rplastic Wearables is achieved.



Carbon Offset

5,862 KGs

Plastic Waste Removed


Lives impacted


We make high-quality products that have a negative carbon footprint and are manufacturedresponsibly. Our lifestyle products help our patrons use the high-quality products and show theirvalues by supporting and advocating for sustainable practices. The building materials aredesigned to be durable and aesthetically-pleasing while mitigating the climate crisis by reducingplastic waste in the environment.


Our process ties itself to existing waste pickers and kabari networks while building their capacityto sort plastics more efficiently. Our data-driven and tech empowered processes ensure thatplastics are redirected from landfills and oceans to high-value products and affordable buildingmaterials.

Founding Team

Syed Ali Naqi

Finance & Optimization

Dabeer Hemani

Innovation & Outreach

Rafay Qazi

Product & Operations

Fatima Hafsa



Dania Faruq

Architect & Educator

Maleeha Habib

Sustainability Consultant

Tomas Kolecar

Mechanical Designer

Extended Support Team


Interior Designers


Data Science




Product Designers

Mechanical Engineers


KARANDAAZ PAKISTAN is a not-for-profit that promotes access to finance for micro, small andmedium-sized businesses through a double bottom line investment platform and financial inclusionfor individuals by employing technology enabled solutions.

Shell Pakistan Limited is a Pakistani oil and gas company which is a subsidiary of the Shell plc and has been in South Asia for over 100 years

The global Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) program is a four-year technical assistance program funded by the U.K. Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and implemented by PricewaterhouseCoopers. DAI, as a subcontractor, is delivering the first two phases of the CFA activities in Pakistan by convening a wide variety of stakeholders, including project proponents and developers, banks and other finance providers, and government representatives.

Accelerate Prosperity is a new global initiative of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Central and South Asia and provides technical expertise, creative financing solutions and market connections for small and growing businesses.

8 Loop is an IT and services agency with a flagship digital coupon aggregation and data sciencecompany working for thousands of brands internationally. They are experts in all channels of digitaland data worldwide.

Open Door is an architecture design studio inspired by the human connection to the natural world.Their practice strives to remain rooted to that which is essential, and to fundamental humanprinciples.

UK Aid, funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) of the UnitedKingdom, is a challenge fund designed to support the UK's commitment to reducing poverty andachieving the Global Goals.

Our AchievementsAwards and Accomplishments

Winner of Innovation Challenge FundGreen - 2021

Pakistan’s first eyewear from recycled PET plastic

Pakistan’s first recycled plastic jewellery line

Carbon offset paver 11 lbs OFFSET per paver

Winner of Shell Tameer Award '22 - Circular Economy

Part of Climate Finance Accelerator - First Cohort from Pakistan

Part of Green Solutions Incubation Program by Accelerate Prosperity

Part of PRO-DUCT-II Exhibition held at Koel Gallery


November 17, 2021

The Nation: Karandaaz announces funding for six green transitional projects

ISLAMABAD - Karandaaz Pakistan, a non-profit entity implementing Enterprise and Asset Growth Programme funded by UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), has announced its plans to fund six green transitional projects as part of its annual Innovation Challenge.

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November 2, 2022

Pakistan Today: UK announces first projects for Pakistan’s ‘Climate Finance Accelerator’ initiative

The UK has announced that seven innovative low-carbon projects from across Pakistan will be part of the first cohort of projects for the Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA), Pakistan. The chosen projects, selected from over 50 applications, are from the energy, transportation, AFOLU (agriculture, forestry and other land uses), waste, e-mobility, and industrial and manufacturing sectors.

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November 4, 2022

Bol News: Shell Pakistan Celebrates 75 Years in Pakistan

The grand winners of the Shell Tameer Awards 2022 announced were: Circular Economy – Concept Loop – Dabeer Hemani– A tech-based start-up converting plastic waste into building materials and high-value lifestyle products through their sustainable data-driven and tech-empowered processes. Clean Energy Solutions – Geoaircon – Muhammad Hassamuddin – A clean-tech start-up providing ground-sourced Climate Control technology

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November 4, 2022

Dawn News: Shell Pakistan celebrates 75 years in Pakistan

The Chief Executive & Managing Director of Shell Pakistan Limited, Waqar Siddiqui stated: “This year marks the 75th year since Pakistan’s creation, and 75 years of Shell powering progress with our beautiful country. Shell Pakistan has been here since 14th August, 1947, a story that not many share with us. We have partnered with the country to build and grow.

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November 4, 2022

Business Recorder: Shell Pakistan celebrates 75 years in Pakistan

The finalists presented their pitches to an expert jury of diverse professionals who selected this year’s winners and runners-up in each of the six award categories.

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November 3, 2022

Pakistan Observer: UK announces first projects for Pakistan’s Climate finance accelerator initiative

The projects will receive tailored support ahead of an event in February 2023. The support includes individual needs assessment discussions and analysis of each of the projects from a financial, technical and gender equality and social inclusion perspective, to ensure they are in the best position to attract investment.

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Social Update

OUR GOALSWhere we're moving towards

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals we are aligned with


The process used for recycling the products heats them at 180 - 250 degrees, which makes it safe to use for daily use. Our products have varying lifecycle certifications as per their intended usage.

At some point, every product reaches the end of its useful life. The same goes for recycled plastic. We ask every patron to recycle their products - and other plastic products! - Recycle through certain household waste collection initiatives. This way, we can be sure that the plastic is properly sorted and recycled.

1- Termite resistant
2- Moisture absorption is less than 0.5%
3- Lightweight
4- Proprietary technology
5- One of their kind pieces

Yes, we use recycled plastic redirected from landfills and oceans. All products use up to 98% recycled content. We provide a carbon count of the products we are producing.

Yes, of course! We want to fight poverty by creating jobs in rural/poor areas. We pay fair wages. We also care about life underwater. By cleaning up the oceans and preventing new plastic from entering the sea, we help improve underwater habitats. Closing the plastic loop also means reducing the consumption of fossil resources (responsible consumption and production). We are also committed to climate protection: all our transport is carbon neutral. We also pay attention to our own energy consumption. Wherever possible, we use renewable energy sources.

We are a team of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds coming together to mitigate the very existent plastic waste epidemic in the region.

Out of all the different types of plastic, our priority is to use low value and difficult to recycle plastic waste. In addition to PET (polyethylene terephthalate) used for beverages bottles, we also regenerate LDPE (Low-density polyethylene, like plastic bags), HDPE (High-density polyethylene, like shampoo bottles), and PP (Polypropylene, hard plastic, like a computer mouse).

Yes, you can- we accept sorted plastic waste.

We are located in the world’s sixth-largest metropolis Karachi, Pakistan.

We would love to partner with businesses and individuals passionate about solving the problem of plastic waste. Please get in touch with us!

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